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  • Course level: Intermediate

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Using basic and advanced technical analysis concepts to understand trade patterns.

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Forex Trading INTERMEDIATE 1?

Forex Trading INTERMEDIATE 1
Elliott Wave Theory00:16:28
Harmonic Price Patterns00:13:44
Trading Divergences00:19:34
Market Environment00:17:30
Trading Breakouts and Fakeouts00:27:00
Fundamental Analysis00:22:59
Currency Crosses00:18:39
Currency Crosses 200:24:54
Multiple Time Frame Analysis00:16:44
Market Sentiment00:22:32
Trading the News00:19:49
Carry Trade00:15:31
The U.S. Dollar Index00:12:26
Intermarket Correlations00:16:35
Using Equities to Trade FX00:8:56
Country Profiles part 100:28:44
Country profile part 200:24:28
Country Profiles Part 300:20:56
Country Profiles part 400:28:08
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